Gives your interior a diamond like shine.

    • Professional Vinyl Conditioner
    • Helps Protect And Prolong The Life Of All Vinyl Surfaces
    • Prevents Cracking In Sunlight
    • Silicone Free
    • Easy To Apply

This UV protectant provides the ultimate protection against harsh sunlight eliminating discoloration and cracking. If your vinyl or dash has been faded by the sun then Auto Interior Shine is the product you are looking for. This interior protectant is easy to apply and remove. You do not have to worry about an oily feel like other products sold in retail stores. Now, you can prevent your dashboard from cracking, while restoring its original color.

There are many advantages to using a professional vinyl conditioner. However, the most important objective is to prolong the life of your vinyl. Without proper conditioning your vinyl will discolor or crack. The sunlight speeds up this process, drying your vinyl making it less flexible.

Our vinyl conditioner is easy to apply. Make sure your vinyl is clean and wipe White Diamond on with a clean cloth. Allow conditioner to dry and then wipe the excess off. It only takes a couple of minutes to apply, however your auto vinyl will have the ultimate protection.

Instructions for protecting the clean vinyl surfaces in your vehicle (including dashboards, control panels, consoles, vents and moldings):

Now that you have cleaned your vinyl surfaces with All Purpose, you are ready to protect and moisturize the vinyl to prevent cracking and discoloration.

Step 1 – Apply Precision Chemicals White Diamond to an applicator.

Step 2 – Gently massage Interior Shine into the vinyl surfaces to prevent cracking and fading.

Now that you have worked the vinyl conditioner into the surface, all you need to do is wipe off any excess.




EYES: Flush with water for 15 minutes lifting upper and lower eyelids. 
Seek medical attention.

SKIN: Wash thoroughly with soap and water. 

INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting. 
Seek medical attention.

INHALATION: Move to fresh air. 

Hazard Rating


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