Precision Chemicals Car Care Products are uniquely designed to take your detailing experience to the next level.

Superior Clean Without Shine

Glossy Tire Shine, UV & Weather Resistant

Foam Cannon Wash & Wax

Easily Removes Oil and Dirt

Leaves Vehicle With A Super Gloss Shine

Interior Shine,  UV Protection


High Concentrate of Soap and Wax

Cannon Candy

High Concentrate  soap, wax with Spot Free shine 

All Purpose Cleaner

Interior Cleaner for  Vinyl and Carpet seats

Super Green

Degreaser that cleans Engines 

Blue Magic

Silicone Tire Dressing for a High Gloss Shine

White Diamond

Professional Vinyl Conditioner that Prevents Cracking In Sunlight

Wheel Cleaner   Removes Stubborn Metallic Contamination Easily

Buzz Off

Removes Insect Remains & Harmful Enzymes

Shine Time

Glossy Tire Shine Quick Drying Time

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It is common knowledge that you need the right tools for the job to expect the best outcome. Which is what Precision Chemicals care care products provides you with. Our products give you a superior clean with or without shine for both interior and exterior of your vehicles.  These are high test results that you can trust to take care of your vehicle for long term. 

High Quality Manufacturing

Our wide range of car care products provide you with high test results. Results that you can trust to take care of your vehicle long term.